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Social Media Manual Submission Vs Automation

Some companies tend to automate everything they do while others prefer the manual approach.

In fact, this is seen with many different types of businesses where some use robots and others prefer going down the “handmade” route. This is something that will have to be decided when it comes to social media automation and the ad campaigns you’re running.

You will have some who are going to go down the automation route and others will do it on their own.

Here is a look at what you will get with either option.

Benefits of Manual Submission

1) Controlled

You will have a lot of control, and things won’t get out of control. You will know what is going up and when it is going up at all times.

2) Easier To Adjust

You will have a lot of room to adjust because you’re the one who is putting up the submissions. You won’t have to rely on a machine.

3) Simpler

For most, the idea of going manual has to do with simplicity. It removes all of the doubt that comes with such a process. You will know it is going to go up one by one.

Benefits of Automation

1) Faster

You will be able to do things faster, and that helps for those who are on a deadline and want to speed things along.

2) Less Work

The main reason people do this has to do with less work. You won’t have to sit in front of a computer all the time.

3) Can Do More

You might be a large company with many accounts online. You don’t want to deal with all of this on your own, so an automated process helps.

These are the differences between automated Social Media Reporting Tools and manual submission for those who are on the fence.